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Release notes


* SM-2317 - activemq:browse no more working
* SM-2330 - Remove joda-time from
* SM-2414 - Camel route does not run when it's placed into deploy folder
* SM-2422 - Multiple JMS connection factories found for amq-broker
* SM-2425 - Compilation of examples included in distribution fails
* SM-2464 - Unable to install the bundle created using the servicemix-cxf-code-first-osgi-bundle and servicemix-cxf-wsdl-first-osgi-bundle archetype
* SM-2481 - activemq-service blueprint uses dash in persistent id: config file is never loaded nor read
* SM-2485 - Add missing wrap deployer
* SM-2492 - Wrong sample keystore format in examples contained in the assembly
* SM-2538 - JMSAppenderTest fails on Jenkins
* SM-2551 - Drools6ExamplesTest fails on Jenkins


* SM-2291 - Remove the workaround for the obr and jndi problem
* SM-2405 - Remove workaround for SM-2396
* SM-2418 - Release Apache ServiceMix 5.4.1
* SM-2421 - Upgrade to ActiveMQ 5.10.1
* SM-2426 - Add missing maven plugin versions to examples parent pom in the distribution
* SM-2428 - Upgrade to ActiveMQ 5.11.1
* SM-2432 - Upgrade to ActiveMQ 5.10.2
* SM-2438 - Upgrade to Camel 2.14.2
* SM-2471 - Upgrade to Swagger 1.3.11
* SM-2472 - Upgrade to Scala 2.11
* SM-2473 - Consistent usage of joda-time bundle
* SM-2474 - Consistent usage of scala bundle
* SM-2475 - Upgrade to Akka 2.3.9
* SM-2487 - Upgrade to Scala 2.10.4
* SM-2488 - Upgrade to Jackson 2.3.3
* SM-2490 - Upgrade to CXF 3.0.4
* SM-2502 - Upgrade to Karaf 2.4.2
* SM-2506 - Upgrade to Felix maven-bundle-plugin 2.5.4
* SM-2507 - Upgrade to Pax Exam 4.5.0
* SM-2546 - Remove workarounds for SM-2472
* SM-2547 - Perform some housekeeping in poms
* SM-2555 - Upgrade to Karaf 2.4.3
* SM-2572 - Upgrade to Apache Camel 2.14.3 and CXF 3.0.5
* SM-2591 - Enable command RBAC support

SCM tag

Tag servicemix-5.4.1 is available in Git (commit id 8eac16866b292d580707a4f28bf0f005b8c8b71b)


For a more detailed view of new features and bug fixes, see the changelog