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Release notes

  • Bug
    ** SM-352 - Empty service assembly name prevents service units from start
    ** SM-367 - Add a JCA processor to servicemix-jms
    ** SM-403 - The JMS spec mandates that all properties on JMS message are valid java identifiers
    ** SM-439 - servicemix-beanflow - Workflow.joinAll failure to register onStop callback if first Activity stops during start handler
    ** SM-477 - servicemix-http does not reply with HTTP 202 when processing "oneway" SOAP messages
    ** SM-484 - Missing dependencies for Maven 2 build
    ** SM-490 - Inconsistent property names for JbiConstants.PROTOCOL_TYPE and JbiConstants.PROTOCOL_HEADERS
    ** SM-493 - CopyTransformer does not copy SecuritySubject
    ** SM-498 - StaxSource: Bug in parse() method for character streams
    ** SM-499 - main.wsdl not accessible after deploying WSDL to servicemix-http component
    ** SM-502 - *ProviderProcessor in servicemix-jms overwrites the MimeMessage content-type with the one from the incoming normalizedmessage
    ** SM-503 - servicemix-http provider should not add the inMessage content-type header to the response if a new content-type is generated (mime messages)
    ** SM-504 - Beanflow: Multiple execution of beanflow steps
    ** SM-505 - When a component sendSync an InOut exchange to itself, the exchange is never delivered
    ** SM-508 - Marshaller spelled wrong in API
    ** SM-511 - Problem with schemas' import when there are multiple xsds in many dirs
    ** SM-512 - sendsync from a service to another service seems to cause a deadlock under load
    ** SM-514 - ValidateComponent does not create StreamSource with a SystemId which breaks schema includes and imports
    ** SM-515 - StringSource should throw an NPE when built with a null string instead of throwing it when calling getInputStream
    ** SM-516 - MessageUtil should support empty content when copying messages
    ** SM-520 - commons-pool need to be included as a dependency of servicemix-core
    ** SM-522 - Missing buildSharedLibrary implementation in ServiceMixConfigBuilder gbean
    ** SM-524 - XML generated by AdminCommmandsService.listComponents() is not well-formed
    ** SM-526 - Fault messages returned to BPEL via servicemix-bpe are not accessible in BPEL
    ** SM-529 - Servicemix-Component's hangs indefinitely.
    ** SM-535 - Allow interface to be used with jsr181 annotations
    ** SM-542 - NPE occurs in ODE-BPE when undeploying and redeploying the loan broker demo.
    ** SM-544 - Configuration is not available for lighweight deployment
    ** SM-545 - jbi-maven-plugin throws an error when building a jbi-service-assembly with 2 or more dependencies using the same component.
    ** SM-547 - When the xbean deployer throws a RuntimeException or Error on first deployment, redeployment of the SU fails
    ** SM-549 - QuartzComponent start sending messages when initialized rather than when started
    ** SM-551 - wsdlsoap:address generated by http component for proxied endpoint misses trailing slash
    ** SM-552 - JBoss Deployer fails when uninstalling / reinstalling Service Assemblies
    ** SM-553 - MessageExchangeImpl.toString() converts message content to DOMSource
    ** SM-554 - Deployment problem when one SU ina SA fail to deploy. Other SU may not be properly shutdown.
    ** SM-558 - ComponentContext.resolveEndpointReference does not resolve JBI internal EPR format
    ** SM-560 - Internal EPR document fragments provided by ServiceMix are not valid NS-aware DOMs
    ** SM-562 - Unable to start due to missing lib/optional directory
    ** SM-563 - service unite declaration orderi in jbi.xml does not correspond to the service assembly pom
    ** SM-566 - JmsReceiverComponent trying to receive message before its JBI properties have been fully initialised
    ** SM-571 - Memory leak in DeliveryChannelImpl
    ** SM-572 - servicemix-wsn2005 always use the anonymous publisher
    ** SM-574 - JBoss Deployer fails to deploy ServiceMix properly on startup of JBoss

  • Improvement
    ** SM-292 - Add a toDOMElement method to SourceTransformer and check all calls to toDOMNode for possible CCE
    ** SM-406 - Email component should support attachment (multipart MIME email)
    ** SM-474 - Add validation code in for jbi descriptor to enforce the inclusion of bootstrap classname and classpath elements
    ** SM-478 - allow URIs to be easily used by the ServiceMixClient
    ** SM-479 - Add support for relative schema imports in WSDLFlattener
    ** SM-488 - SoapHelper Improvement: Resolve WSDL operation name based on message content
    ** SM-489 - XalanComponent (XSLT Transform Component)
    ** SM-496 - Allows the soap-binding example to run in FireFox.
    ** SM-500 - FTPClientPool can't put its clients into passive mode
    ** SM-501 - ServiceMix Ant tasks: accept URL for file
    ** SM-506 - Improve jsr181 proxy to use a service factory
    ** SM-517 - Re-structure the common/soap shared libraries
    ** SM-518 - MessageExchangeFactoryImpl.setDefaults(MessageExchangeImpl exchange) check for null
    ** SM-525 - Enhancement to ValidateComponent to implement a complete and flexible error handling scheme for schema validation
    ** SM-528 - using the new ClientFactory for the JSR181 proxy inside jsr181 service unit
    ** SM-539 - Move org.apache.servicemix.eip.MessageUtil to org.apache.servicemix.jbi.util.MessageUtil (in servicemix-core)
    ** SM-550 - The http provider endpoint should use send instead of sendSync
    ** SM-567 - Allow the soap style to be set for jsr181 endpoint

  • New Feature
    ** SM-457 - Classloader for XBean deployment should support child delegation and class exclusions
    ** SM-486 - MessagePropertySetter
    ** SM-495 - Provide a jndi factory to create clients and bind it to the JNDI tree when the container is started
    ** SM-509 - Support mtom and attachments
    ** SM-513 - Support for HTTP basic authentication
    ** SM-540 - Add a new handler to force parsing the input message as a DOM

  • Task
    ** SM-458 - Remove xbean patches
    ** SM-519 - Update LICENSE and NOTICE files according to
    ** SM-533 - Change all tooling version from 1.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT to 3.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT

  • Wish
    ** SM-491 - Links in apache-servicemix-3.0-M2-incubating/README are stale/broken.

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